Thursday, January 17, 2008

Anyone for a game of Hide?

This is Tucker's current favorite game: Hide.

Not peek-a-boo, not Hide and Seek. Just "Hide." (This could be because it's how he has learned to sign his request.)

Here's how it works: if he asks you to hide, then you cover your eyes. You wait for him to call your name, and then the second he verbalizes anything that sounds remotely similar to your name (or someone else's... we're not picky), then you pop out from your hiding place.

And then it's Tucker's turn. Almost the same drill: he covers his eyes and we call his name... except then he takes his good ol' time in revealing his hiding place. Tucker? Where's Tucker? Who has seen him? Where is he? Tucker? Tucker? Tucker?? (Wait for it... wait for it...)

And finally, there he is.

It's delightful. Especially when we're in the grocery store, and he desperately wants to play... only he doesn't want to hide. He wants Mommy to hide... while I'm pushing the cart and comparing prices. I'm sure we're quite a sight.

But hey, if it helps my son to feel good about talking, and especially if he wants to call out for me, then I'm okay with it.

Let's play again, buddy.

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