Thursday, January 17, 2008

In the TRASH.

I can't believe I forgot to post this story on the blog... perhaps it's because when it happened, I wanted to block it from my memory. But now, a month later, it's worth remembering, documenting, and laughing over. Funny how that happens.

Last month, just before Christmas, we enjoyed a week-long vacation in the mountains with my parents and my brother. After picking up my brother from the airport, we started our trek into higher altitudes with a lunch at Red Robin.

The lunch was relatively uneventful, but definitely enjoyable. We were all in vacation mode, gearing up for a week of togetherness. There are fewer things quite as promising as the first day of vacation, and it's even better to top it off with bottomless fries. Amen?

Just as we were loading up to leave, I decided to give both boys fresh diapers before we hit the road again. And it was wise to do so.

I finished changing Tuck in the restroom - no big deal. I took him out to wait with everyone while I changed Tyler... which turned out to be a very big deal.

Are you ready for this? Because I sure wasn't... His entire onesie and left pant leg were full of poop.

I don't know how it happened, except to say that he had been busy all throughout lunch, and his diaper hadn't stepped up. There were some severely unmet expectations going on there. And a severe mess to clean up. He had poop everywhere, including in his hair by the time I got him out of those nasty clothes.

If we had been at home, he would have gone straight to the bath tub and his clothes would have gone to soak, no questions asked. But we were not at home. And we weren't going home for another 8 days. I looked at my options... and then I stripped him down, and I gave him a full Baby Wipe Bath. Seriously.

Thankfully, I had another outfit in the diaper bag for such an occasion, but it was sadly not nearly as cute as the one I had chosen for his travels that day. Nonetheless, poopers can't be choosers, and he was reduced to the boring ol' blue sleeper.

As for his previously adorable and now terribly soiled outfit? What was I to do with it?

It went in the TRASH. Yep. I left his very cute outfit in the garbage at Red Robin.

When I looked at the alternative, which was to bag up the entire ensemble in a ZipLoc, transfer it to the mountains, let it soak in the bathroom sink until I had the opportunity to stain treat it with detergent I would have to buy, and then pay to wash it, all while I am on vacation... well, the choice was clear. Gar-bage.

And I wasn't sorry.

Thirty minutes later, we were ready to hit the road. And I was dumbstruck by the whole scenario... seriously, I sat in silence for a good ten miles. It just about did me in.

Good thing I had a week with my family (and plenty of cute clothes for the baby) to carry me through.


Robin said...

Hey, check out my blog: I tagged you!

Rich Barrett said...

Funny stuff! Really takes me back to those days when we had three in diapers at the same time.

Good to read your voice again. Kind of a "state of the heart" for the digital age, huh?

Steph's sound asleep, but I will make sure she reads all this soon.