Saturday, January 5, 2008

Competing for Attention

It is downright impossible to feed Tyler sometimes.

If there is something more interesting happening in the room, or the house, or the county, he is distracted. While I sit in front of his high chair, with his spoon perched and filled with healthy (and relatively tasty) nutrition, he often looks anywhere but at me. He would rather watch Tucker, Daddy, the dog, his toys... and if Mickey Mouse is on, I can just forget it.

But I have a rule: I don't compete.

He is welcome to look elsewhere, but then he will have to wait for his food. I don't put it away, but I also don't play games to get him interested in what I have for him. If he wants it, it's right here. If not, I'll wait. But I won't follow his little face around with the spoon, trying to convince him that he really needs what I have for him. I know he needs it, and I won't compete with other things for his attention.

You know what I realized recently? There are some strong parallels between the challenges of feeding my son and my relationship with the Lord.

God is right within my reach, with what I need most, but He's not going to force me to take it. He knows I need it, He knows I will feel much better when I accept what He has to offer, but He will not compete with other things for my attention.

When I turn my head to other things, God allows me to look away. He lets me go hungry, if that is what I choose to do. He has commanded me not to have any other gods before Him; He has said He is a jealous God. He will not compete.

But if I choose him, then He is right there, ready to fill me up.

And just like Tyler after a full meal, I am fully satisfied when I fix my eyes on what is best for me.


my3boys said...

What used to make me nuts was when they would be distracted while nursing!!!

Sherie said...

Perfect Tricia, I have felt your frustration and I love your comparison!!!