Monday, January 28, 2008

Meet Mr. Bunny.

Tucker finally met a real life, honest to goodness, bunny.

We went to the mall last week, in a desperate search for a cure for cabin fever. All three of us were going crazy, and there was only one cure: a mall crawl. In record time, we were loaded up and out the door.

We went straight to the pet store, where lo and behold, they had a bunny on display. Tucker began signing with great fury. He was thrilled to see that they do indeed exist.

And that's when I took this picture.

And that's when the lady behind the counter told me that there would be no more pictures in the pet store. "Ma'am, we do not allow pictures of any kind. That is mall policy."

Okay. Sorry.

And I put my phone away, just after I took a picture of her.

Just kidding.

Wouldn't she be furious to know I posted it here, on the world wide web, for all you bunny lovers??

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