Thursday, January 10, 2008

Story Teller

Tucker is into telling stories these days, even though he doesn't have the words for them. But he will look at me, very intently, and string two or three signs together. This is the headline for a story, which is usually a replay of something he saw last night or this morning.

Here are my best translations:

Bunny + Cold = "Remember last night, when we were leaving Grandma and Poppa's house? I saw a bunny run across the grass. He was running home to be with his mommy, since it was so cold outside. I was cold, too."

Mickey Mouse + Bear + Sleeping = "I watched the most fascinating episode of The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse this morning. You see, Minnie was sleeping after she smelled the Sleeping Roses, and Pete and his friends had to rescue her. It was riveting."

Quite a story teller, as you can see.

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