Sunday, January 13, 2008

Have You Ever...

Have you ever tried to put on mascara while an angry two-year-old stood between you and the bathroom counter, shoving you away?

Have you ever tried to change said two-year-old's diaper while he squirmed all over the bed, insistent that it is more fun to crawl away from Mommy than to help?

Have you ever had spit-up, drool, and poop on your shirt, all at the same time?

Have you ever gotten a face full of water while bathing a toddler?

Have you ever been beaten up by a tantruming toddler at the mall?

Have you ever memorized Dr. Suess's book, Oh, The Wonderful Sounds Mr. Brown Can Make?

Have you ever watched your child try to sign I love you?

Have you ever needed to leave your crying, pleading child in the church nursery, even while he crawled after you? Have you needed to verbally remind yourself that his kindergarten teacher will thank you for teaching him to be apart from his Mom before that first day of school?

Have you ever been kissed by a slimy, little face covered in the remnants of banana and fruit bar crumbs?

Have you ever stayed up too late simply because you just couldn't bring yourself to lay the baby down, since he was so sweetly snuggled in your arms?

Have you ever been completely overwhelmed by the amount of love you felt for your child, only to find it multiply exponentially when a second child was born?

I have.

Yep. I sure have.


my3boys said...

we don't have one of those
me too!

Alli Dunham said...

That last one especially rang true, my friend. Really, really true.