Monday, January 7, 2008

In the course of 20 minutes...

The following things were true of Tucker in a matter of only 20 minutes this morning.

1. He was jumping on the bed (after sufficient warnings to stop), when he fell off the bed, hit his rocking chair on the way down, and landed on his shoulder and face on the bedroom carpet. I restrained from telling him, "This is why we don't jump on the bed," and instead I rocked and soothed my crying two-year-old. We'll talk about not jumping another time, since I'm fairly confident he will give me more opportunities to revisit the topic.

2. He loves to carry a ball up the stairs, and then toss it from the landing down into the living room. He was continuing this favorite pastime while I was doing some kitchen duties, when I noticed his ball bouncing higher than usual. When I observed more closely, this would be because he was lobbing it from a higher altitude than usual. Instead of the landing at the top of the stairs, he was taking his ball all the way to the loft and chucking it over the rail. This would explain the extra arc on the bounce. I had to nip this one, even though it is creative and a good lesson in physics. No balls over the landing, since it's only a matter of time before it will be other things as well. (God forbid, Tyler.)

3. I found him feeding Kleenex to the dog.

4. Inexplicably, he had blue frosting on his lips. We do have blue frosting in the house, but only on frosted Christmas cookies that are safely stored in a sealed Tupperware container that is importantly out of reach. Hmmm. Not sure how he found frosting, unless he has a secret stash of cookies, which I would not put past him for a moment.

(When I relayed this story to my mom, she reminded me how much worse it could be, as when my grandmother found my Aunt Joyce with caterpillar fur on her lips and face. No caterpillar to be found, but only the sure remains of one. Yes, that would be worse.)

And THAT'S when I decided we needed to leave the house. Off to the grocery store we went. (Yes, I know we haven't had great success there, but sometimes, a mom just has to leave the house, and that's one of the safer options.)

Thankfully, we had a more pleasant, productive visit, which resulted in a happy little ride on the penny horse. See what happens for little boys who keep their shoes on, don't shout at their mommies, and do not choose violence?? It's the simple pleasures in life, sometimes.

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Alli Dunham said...

I fully expect to see you missing a chunk of hair by tomorrow's lunch! Fully expect it.