Saturday, January 12, 2008

Playhouse Disney - LIVE!

Last night, we took Tucker to his first theater performance, and who better to see than Mickey Mouse himself.

Uncle Rob hooked us up with tickets to see Playhouse Disney Live, compliments of his amazing and powerful connections with all things Disney. What would we do without him? Well, we definitely would not have had the memories of last night's experience, and those are priceless and unforgettable.

We took the train downtown, which was a treat in itself for Tuck. He loves riding the train, and he has recently made up his own sign for it. He was Mr. Stoic for most of the ride, clearly choosing to act as though he is a regular commuter.

We had an extravagant dinner out at Goodtimes Burger, where Tucker enjoyed his very own Bambino burger and then shared a sundae with his mom and dad. With no stroller in tow, he got to ride on Daddy's shoulders from the restaurant to the theater. I'm telling you, the good times just kept rolling!

As soon as we entered the theater, Tuck was 100%, completely and totally engaged. He clapped, he signed, he danced, and he cheered. The only thing he didn't do was budge from his seat. He was all about it. This was the awestruck look on his face, from beginning to end:

He was particularly interested in Mickey... imagine that. So when other Playhouse characters came onto the stage for the segments of Little Einsteins, Handy Manny, or Tigger and Friends, he quietly said, "No?" Then he signed Mickey. He enjoyed their performances, but we all have our favorites. He is truly a diehard fan. He was thrilled when Mickey and his friends took over.

Intermission? Not his favorite part. He didn't want to leave his seat, but kept his eyes focused on the stage. He kept signing: More Mickey Mouse.

At the very end of the show, as the entire cast was performing the closing number, we suddenly realized there was a little girl on stage... not a cast member. She had gotten away from her family, and she had made her way right up on the stage! A couple of the cast members danced alongside her, walking her back to the steps to get to her mother, who was desperately trying to coax her back down without having to enter stage left as well. She took one look at her mother, shook her head no, and headed back to the stage! Clearly, this little girl knew where she was meant to be, and it was not in the audience. Two characters ushered her down the stage to the arms of her mother, and they finished the show.
I was just thankful that wasn't our son on stage... that could have easily been our story! I wouldn't put that one past him for a minute. Anything to get closer to Mickey Mouse. I'm just thankful he didn't think of it. He could have brought a whole new meaning to the term Show Stopper!
As for me, well, it was hard to know who to watch: the show or my sweet little boy. Robb and I kept commenting to one another throughout the show, noting things Tucker was watching, signing, or just downright enjoying. What a fun night to be his Mom and Dad.
It was a perfect, perfect evening. Tuck loved it all, from beginning to end.

Thanks, Uncle Rob.


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J.E. Jacobson said...

Hey. Sarah told me about this blog of yours. I look forward to reading more as time goes on. I hope life is treating you well...looks like it is. Tell Robb and the boys hi for me...even though they will have no idea who I am. Oh yeah, say hi to molly too!