Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Maiden Voyage

In honor of the first warm day since Christmas, we took the boys out on their first ride in the wagon today. It was a big hit. Complete with juice cups, jackets, and Ohio State baseball caps, the boys hit the pavement. Tucker talked and talked (in his own language) about all that he could see, and they laughed at each other for reasons known only between two brothers.

I have a tendency to be over ambitious with new things... it's a wonder we didn't go straight to the zoo, just because we had the right vehicle.
Someday. Yes, someday, we will view the elephants from our very own Radio Flyer.
Look out world - we have a wagon.

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my3boys said...

Yes! The zoo! What a great idea! We have a you? The "big boys" hate the zoo, but Lucas and I love it and are always looking for friends to go along! Let me know what you think! There's nothing like enjoying the sunshine, friendship and some fresh, ummm...pungent, air. :)