Thursday, January 17, 2008

Working on a Deal.

Ty and I are in negotiations for a very important deal: I have approached him about the possibility of skipping the age of two.

When he is finished with being a one-year-old, he will go straight to three, thereby skipping two and all of its issues and entitlements. He can even be three twice. Fine with me. In fact, great with me.

I just really don't want to do this two-year-old thing again.

I've given him some time to think it over, since he won't need to decide until May, 2009. But if he opts against it, then it means he's going to enter that stage just as Tucker is exiting it. It means we're going to have a two-year-old at our house for a very long time.

I might have to sweeten the deal. Maybe I'll throw in a pony.

1 comment:

Mellifluous said...

Um, Tricia, until you've done three, I wouldn't make that deal. For some kiddos three is much more difficult than two.