Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Adventures of the Day

The boys have been so busy, busy, busy today. I'm telling you, it's a challenge to keep up with them individually, but together, they are a force to be reckoned with.

I put them in the bath tub this morning, which is no small task in itself. Tucker spends the entire time pouring water over Tyler's head, while Tyler tries with great resilience to stand up, even though his hands keep sliding down the slippery tub. The good news is that Tyler is developing quite a sense of balance as well as a tolerance for water on his face. And Tucker, well, he's just clearly enjoying the perks of being older and bigger.

When they were finished with their baths, I dried Tucker off, and I let him roam free, bare bottom and all. I wrapped Tyler in a towel, and we headed into the nursery to get him fully moisturized and dressed. While I was tending to Tyler, I heard some soft grunting coming from the corner... I turn to look, and there is Tucker: squatting and pooping on the floor.

Well that is one way to get my attention in a hurry! Stop the presses!

I plucked Tyler off the changing table and planted him safely on the floor. But I wasn't thinking clearly when I did that... now I had two boys on the loose, and a little pile of toxic waste right there on the carpet. As I frantically grabbed for the wipes, I was chanting, "Don't touch that! Hands off! Please don't touch! No touching!"

I finally got a diaper on Tucker, if nothing else. Frankly, nothing else mattered. Well, the carpet mattered. And I took care of that, too. But there was a clear priority: Get that bottom covered.

After the boys were dressed and downstairs, I put Tyler into the Pack 'n Play. Tucker played on his own for a bit, while I talked on the phone with my mom to make flight arrangements. As I was talking with her about departure and arrival times at Akron/Canton airport, I looked over to see that Tyler had strategically stacked his toys, was standing on top of them, and had climbed nearly atop my kitchen counter - high enough to reach a salt shaker (which had not been perched on the edge for his easy access). He had the salt shaker in hand, and he was sucking on it. Delicious.

Dear heavens.

There were many other little atrocities throughout the day, but these two were at the top of the list. This might go without saying, but I took a very necessary nap this afternoon. I think I earned it.

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