Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Let's Bake!

The boys and I baked together today. It was our very first kitchen endeavor together, and it was such fun that I think we'll need to do it once a week. Well, once a month.

Here is a photo montage of the morning's festivities...
Cue the music...

Since we had never done this before, I wanted to guarantee our success. For starters, I opted for Pillsbury. You can always count on the dough boy.

Next, I helped Tyler get all set up in his highchair. He had an excellent view of all the action, and he was pleased to play with his Tupperware seal, egg dipper, and funnel. Those are not your average baby toys, you know. It was sure to buy me some time.

Finally, time to get working with those cookies. Tucker didn't really understand the part about "setting the cookies two inches apart." He was more interested in putting them in a very straight line. (He is a classic firstborn, in many ways.)

This is the face of sheer concentration.

Sneaking a bite before they are baked?
Yep. He's mine.

Since he had never baked anything before, he really didn't understand the process. He thought it really was all about lining them up on the cookie sheet, and then we would eat them from their neat little rows. While I am not above this, it's not the precedent I wanted to set... at least not today. So, the tears are because Mommy insisted on putting them in the oven.

While they browned their edges to golden, Tucker practiced the art of oven mits.

Finally, the timer rang, and the cookies were ready to come out of the oven. But to Tucker's sheer disappointment, we still could not eat them. So hard to be patient.

At last, they were cool enough to devour.

Tucker got to be the official taste tester, fully equipped with his sippy cup of milk.

Tyler was no longer pleased with this plan. With all of Tucker's mm-mm-mmm-ing over his delicious cookies, he was wishing he had more teeth so he could have a cookie of his own. The Tupperware and even the light-up, twirly Nemo toy could not distract him from what he was missing out on.

Sorry, kiddo. Your turn will come. In the meantime, save room for some pureed sweet potatoes for lunch. I can hear your tastebuds already.

So, the verdict is in: The Cookies were a Success.

Just think: next month, we can do them with shamrocks in the middle.

You better place your cookie orders now, ladies and gentlemen.

We're gonna be big.


Alli Dunham said...

I love this, Tricia! What a fun "cooking date" this must have been. (And I am SO partial to cooking dates.)

carolyn said...

Woah- your pampered chef consultant would be proud of your seasoned stoneware! Impressive my friend.