Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Kiss Him - He's Irish.

My mom took my children on a shopping spree to Target last night, and she couldn't pass the dollar bin without some treats for her two favorite little guys.

In anticipation of St. Patrick's Day,
Tucker is now the very proud owner of a green glittery derby hat.

It's a little big.

He loves it. In fact, he insisted on keeping it in bed with him last night. Insisted, I tell you. When he did his middle-of-the-night routine, where he calls me into his room to put his blanket on him one more time, I tried to sneak it off his bed and onto his dresser until morning... but he would have nothing to do with that plan. "Hat? Hat? Hat?" He snuggled with a green, glittery, plastic hat all night long.

This morning, he had his hat on even before I could put a fresh diaper on him. The hat stayed on all day long. Well, with the exception of a few times when I had to take it away, since he was using it as a weapon against the dog and his brother. But after a significant timeout and a reminder to "never hit with your hat," it was back on his head.

It went with us everywhere today.

In his carseat, he has learned to balance it on his foot, then kick it up and catch it in his hands. His Uncle Rob, a world-renowned juggler, would be proud.

If you happen to see my son before this hat-loving phase passes, don't look too closely at his scalp... it's covered in green glitter.


Mish said...

LOVE the hat.

carolyn said...

Looking at the pictures of Tucker in his green hat- he looks so much like your brother Rob. Maybe a career at Disney awaits him as well!