Monday, February 25, 2008

Welcome to the Neighborhood.

We have new neighbors. We haven't actually met them yet, despite my best intentions of taking them homemade cookies or a casserole. (Truly, there's not a whole lot of homemade anything happening at our house these days.)

From what we can deduce, they are an older couple with lots of grandchildren, based on our careful observations of what seemed to be a housewarming party... not that we were being nosy.

Among our other observations, we have discovered that she's a chain smoker. This didn't require careful observing... it's a pretty obvious hobby of hers. Of course, she can feel free to do whatever she wants to do in her home, but here's the problem: she doesn't smoke in her home. She steps outside, to light up on her front porch.

Her front porch happens to be directly under Tyler's bedroom window. This seems to be a bit of an infringement, since I can't crack his window on a sunny day without worries of secondhand smoke infiltrating his bedroom.


When I deliver the cookies or a casserole, perhaps I will write a subtle, discreet note on the top: "Welcome to our Smoke Free Neighborhood."

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