Monday, February 4, 2008

Size 6 Diapers??

How is it at all possible that my son is ready to graduate into Size 6 Diapers??

I remember when he was in Size 2's, and I saw a box of 6's on the Costco shelf. I looked at my little-bottomed boy, and I thought, "Size 6? Good heavens! What kind of a big kid wears Size 6 diapers?? Surely he'll be potty trained before we need diapers that big!"

Yeah, not so much. My little guy has some hips, and potty training is nowhere in the near future. (Partly because I feel very strongly that he needs to be able to verbally communicate his need to go before we introduce the process. Oh, and partly because he has zero interest.)

Size 6, here we come.

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