Sunday, February 3, 2008

My Husband: My Hero

Here are the reasons my husband is my hero, and how he stole my heart all over again this week:

  • While I was sick at home with our sick children, he texted and called from his various locations in "The Dakotas" to check in and encourage me.
  • When he got home, he greeted his sick, frail, couch-ridden wife with a bouquet of orchids. After opening my eyes to such a sight, and after missing him so very, very much, I instantly started to cry. How could I respnd any other way?
  • Within 24 hours of returning home, he fixed the garbage disposal and the washer, which both malfunctioned in varying degrees while he was gone.
  • For two days, he followed me around to my various places of rest, saying things like, "Are you drinking something? What do you want to drink? Why aren't you drinking? What can I pour you to drink? Where's your drink?" He believes whole-heartedly in the power of rehydration.
  • On Friday, he rented the equipment to professionally shampoo our living room carpets, after the destructive wear and tear of 36 hours of eruptive, explosive vomiting. All the while, I lay on the couch, still unable to move or open my eyes.
  • He played on the newly shampooed carpets with our two little boys, who were so delighted to see him and get their little paws all over him. It's hard to know who was more thrilled to have him home: the boys or the mom.

I dearly love that man.

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Alli Dunham said...

Those are superhero descriptives, Tricia. The mark of a wonderful husband and father: He loves his family oh so much!