Thursday, February 7, 2008

Poo or Pooh?

During the marathon of all things Disney Channel last week, Tucker watched a round or two of Tigger and Friends. While I lay on the couch, watching with one eye and listening with one ear, he came over to me, holding the back of his diaper and simultaneously pointing to the TV.

"Do you need your diaper changed?"

"No." More grabbing and pointing.

"That's Pooh. Pooh is on the TV," I acknowledged, feeling very groggy.

He nodded his head, and showed great enthusiasm for my realization: Yes! Pooh! Pooh has the same name as the contents of his diaper!

That is such a boy thing to do. I cannot think of a single little girl I know who would recognize and associate Pooh with poop.

I better suck it up... I'm going to have to openly talk about bodily functions in ways I never intended.

Good heavens. Boys.


my3boys said...

...and so your household enters the potty humor phase that mine has been in for about 6 years now... Aren't we lucky? ;)

Nicole said...

That is ONLY the beginning...