Thursday, February 28, 2008

Traveling Light

We have arrived safely in Ohio now, but it's never easy to get here!
We probably look like a traveling circus as we maneuver through the airport, but Tucker compensates by waving and saying, "Hi! Hiyeee!" to everyone who passes by his stroller. Our little Homecoming King.

The good news is, the boys were PERFECT on the plane, and they each slept for a good portion of each flight.
Tucker is thrilled with the adventure of traveling, and he is busy showing us what he knows. Since we have arrived, he has said bus, bunny, happy, arm, and lights.

They seem random when I list them, but each word came with a fun discovery on his part. If it takes a trip across the country to get him talking, it's worth it! (Imagine what could happen when we take him to Disney World in May... it just may launch him into spontaneous paragraphs!)

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