Friday, October 31, 2008

Here a MOO, there a MOO...

We have chosen a farm animal theme this year for Halloween. We have a horse and a cow.

(They each moo. Because Tucker can, and because Tyler loves to imitate Tucker and simultaneously annoy him by saying the wrong word.)

I'm pretty sure Tucker will look at this picture someday and ask me,
"Why on earth did you dress me in that stupid costume? Can't you see that I hated it?"

But I assure you (and I will assure him someday): he chose the costume, and he has been insistent on wearing it all day long - complete with the itchy hood.
To his credit, he didn't ask for one that was too small... but this one is. Once that hood is on his head, everything gets hiked up - and he looks ridiculous. That part is my fault. His daddy calls this the High-Water-Crotch-Hugging Cow Costume. We'll aim for a costume that fits better next year.
We're off to trick or treat, and fill our homes with candy... most of which our children will never know the goodness of. It's one of the best things about parenting toddlers: we get all their goodies, and they're just thankful they got to carry a plastic pumpkin around the neighborhood to collect such a feast. It's a fair agreement.
Happy Halloween. Bring on the chocolate.

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Janet said...

I think Miss Janet needs to swoop in and tell the boys the story of the Candy Fairy. That way they will get a prize for all the candy they are collecting for the adults.

Now that's a fair agreement. ;)