Thursday, October 9, 2008

Tucker's First Prayer

Today has exhausted me to my very core. This single life is not for me. In addition to the demands that came screaming at me - quite literally, from both of them - all day long, I also seem to have a cold. So today has not been my best for energy, grace, or parenting.

On days like this, I pray this throughout the day: God, can you show me that You're here? Can you reveal Yourself to me, and can You please give me an awareness to catch that moment before it's gone?

It's my lifeline.

I prayed it all day long, and I've got to tell you, either He withheld His glory, or I was too dense to see it. Probably the latter.

Okay, definitely the latter.

But at the very end of this horrendously long day, I was tucking my boys into bed. Since I am one mom doing a two-parent job at that hour, I have enlisted Tucker's help. He "helps" me get Tyler ready to snuggle in for the night, just before it's big brother's turn for the same routine.

Tonight, I held Tyler on my lap, and we finished reading "Bugs," the current favorite loan from the library. I asked Tucker if he wanted to sing with me; he did. Together, we sang our favorite lullaby to Tyler, one that my dear friend wrote for her son and has been gracious to share with us.

Tuck sang every single word with me, which he has never done before. I didn't know he could. There are things that I wait an extra long time for, as Tucker's mom, and singing is one of them. Just this week, he has happened on to this ability. What a gift, long wished for.

And then, he said, "Pray, Tozzer."

He folded his little hands right up to his face, he clenched his eyes shut, and he prayed.

"D'eezus, Food. Daddy. Tozzer. Night. Amen."

(Translated: Dear Jesus, thank you for my food, my daddy, and Tyler. Help him to sleep well tonight. Amen.)

I nearly melted into a puddle of maternal humility, right then and there. He has been listening, taking it all in, and tonight was the very first example of his own faith, starting to grow.

And to finish it all off, he planted the sweetest kiss on Tyler's cheek. "Night, Brudder."

And that, right there, was God's glory in my child's bedroom.

I whispered it then, and I say it now, and I will say it each time I recall that moment...

Thank you, Lord.


Kennedy Krew said...

Sweet, sweet prayers!!!

my3boys said...

cute AND sweet!
Lucky girl.

More than luck though. You must take credit where it is due for being a great teacher of your faith!