Monday, October 20, 2008

How was your day?

I came home from work tonight, just in time to chat with Tuck before he fell asleep... he had a lot to say.

"Big Bump! So sad... Daddy helped. Hot dog. Grapes. Treat. Daddy book. Awaybugs. New Blanket. Cold hands."

So apparently, the loud crack of thunder frightened him and his brother, but daddy held them both. And they had hot dogs and grapes for dinner, followed by a rice krispie treat. And when it was time for bed, daddy read him the book about the Grouchy Ladybug. And he put a comforter on his bed, a new blanket, which helped Tucker's cold hands feel better.

Guess what world: my son talks to me.


My name is Stephanie said...

Praise God. Your dreams, hopes, and prayers have been answered. And He smiles.

Polly said...

How I love those little chats with Tuck when I (his grandma) get them too -- and how glad I am that usually his mommy is close by to fill in the blanks between his language and mine!