Wednesday, October 1, 2008

"Um, I don't think so."

I took the boys to get haircuts today. Simultaneously, each sat in his own chair, with his own personal hair dresser to give him the works. I do not have pictures to commemorate the event, because such an outing requires both of my hands and all of my attention. No room for a camera phone in the mix.

Before Tucker climbed into his chair for his trim, his hair dresser asked me what I had in mind.

"Oh, you know, just shape up the back and sides, and leave a little on the top."

She nods, knowingly, which is always very assuring in that setting. But then she said, "Do you want sideburns?"

Do I want sideburns? On my three-year-old??

"Um, no thank you. Just, you know, a little boy haircut."

I am happy to say that they each left Fantastic Sam's with a darling little boy haircut. And lollipops all around. (Tucker calls them Hah-Pops.)

No more shaggy boys at our house. And no sideburns either.

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