Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Two Too Close To Two.

My children are each within six months of two; Tyler is approaching, Tucker is departing.

The thing about Two is that it has some serious lead time and aftermath. As I am learning, it starts before the second birthday and continues after the third. That year of being two years old is all about independence, defiance, and finding oneself for the very first time. It's not so much about being darling, agreeable, compliant, and obedient. These characteristics surface now and then, but mostly, I spend my days with two little boys who think they could do better without me.

Just today, on our ride home in the van, they were both shouting, "No, Mommy! No, Mommy!" That's just so loveable. I could eat them up.

Tyler is especially new to this territory, just this week; he really doesn't know what kind of battles he is taking on. He acts as if all I really need to see is a frown on his face, a stomping foot, a growling voice, and a tear if it's absolutely necessary. If he can only formulate the right recipe of those things, surely I will yield to his will.

Not so much. You see, kiddo, I am the lighthouse. I'm not moving. I suggest you adjust your course by a few degrees; the lighthouse doesn't move, no matter how hard the ship forges ahead. Keep that in mind, sweet son of mine.

It reminds me of this quote my friend has beautifully scripted on a 3x5 card in her kitchen, for all the world (and especially her preschoolers) to see:

"I am the lord, Your Mother. I do not change."

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