Thursday, October 30, 2008

Oh, Great Pumpkins!

Continuing with our annual tradition, we carved pumpkins last night. Neither of the boys remember this ooey-gooey experience from last year (Tyler was only five months old, so we have given him some grace), so it was like the first time all over again.

There are some clearly defined roles in this event. Daddy gets the big knife. Mommy gets the camera. Tucker cheers, and Tyler cowers. It's a picture of diverse teamwork.

Tucker had a front row seat, from start to finish.

Tyler watched closely until he saw what was happening inside that pumpkin.

Then he wanted nothing to do with any part of it.


(I'm sort of with him on the pumpkin guts.)
I know how to be a cool mom, and I know that gross things are part of raising boys.
So I put my hands inside, too. But, ew.
I have, um, texture issues.

Robb and Tucker handled most of the grossness, and then we were on to the real fun. Bring on the Sharpie. I can do anything with a good pen.

Per Tucker's request, we made a scary face, a happy face, and a silly face.

We are officially ready for Halloween.

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Alli said...

Um. Is the silly face the upside-down face? 'Cause it's upside down. I bet you didn't notice that :)