Thursday, October 23, 2008

Kiss You?

I kiss boo-boos. It's part of the job description. When my children bump, scrape, nick, bonk, or crash into anything, they bring me their wound and they say, "Kiss you?"

(Pronouns are a little sketchy for my kiddos, which makes the whole interaction pretty cute.)

We had many of these interactions today, since my two are highly accident prone. But at the end of the day, two episodes stand out in my memory... so distinctly different from one another.

First of all, we are in potty training boot camp at our house. I have debated the merits of giving you a play-by-play, but I think you'll just get the highlights. (It was a really long day of highs and lows, and I'm not sure you're really all that interested in every single victory or bump in the road. But I assure you, we are well on our way to a diaper free zone.)


Tucker spent a good part of his morning naked. He kept his pajama shirt on, but he was bare-bottomed from the waist down. I hear accessibility is half the battle, so who am I to present an obstacle? While I was on the phone, he was climbing in and out of the bath tub. At some point, something snagged something else during one of his transitions, and he got hurt.

You can imagine where.

So, as is the trend, he brought it to me. His, well, his, you know. "Kiss you? Mommy kiss you??"

Um, no. I draw the line just short of that, kiddo. I kissed his forehead instead. He was fine with the alternative, and I was most grateful that I didn't have to argue the point. I mean, I'm all about comfort and confidence and all the things that come with whatever that needs to be.
But I'm not kissing it. Ever.
In stark contrast to that very funny moment, my darling boy was very sweet at the end of our day. My stomach was hurting - a lot. (I need to drink more coffee, I'm pretty sure. Really, any excuse for more coffee in my life.)
Tucker noticed my discomfort, and he said, "Oh, Mommy sad? Tummy hurt? Tucka kiss you? Tucka kiss yo' tummy?"
Sure, sweet pea.
And he came right over and planted a smacker right on my stomach.
"Still hurt, Mommy? Tucka kiss tummy adenn?" Another kiss for me and my hurting stomach. Thanks, sweet boy.
Tummies and "other things" are very different. Glad to clarify.
(And I'm also glad I'm not the only one doling out sympathy around here.)

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my3boys said...

Can I just say that you make me laugh so hard my side hurts?