Friday, July 29, 2011

Bigger Than The Mall

"Mommy, remember when we played horsey and Daddy let me ride on his back?"

"I sure do, kiddo. You and Daddy had lots of fun together."

"Do you think we can play that again when I get to heaven?" His face lit up over the very idea.

"I bet you will, Ty."

"Is heaven big?"

"It is. Bigger than any place we've ever been."

"Bigger than the mall?"


"Bigger than Disney World?"

"Even bigger than Disney World. And even more beautiful."

"And Daddy's there."

"Yep. He's there."


Terry said...

the way that you and tyler were talking here tricia, it does seem to me that you both know that robb is safely home know where he and the two babes are and you know that one day you will be all together again at the house...something to really look forward to, eh?
just to think tricia, if you had blamed god for taking robb, those boys of yours would have been much sadder and questioning have made them see that their daddy surely is in heaven right where god is and yet god is here too with you guys....god bless terry

txartist62 said...

as usual, i am always amazed at how well you handle the boys' questions or comments about their dad. this post is just another great example. even if you are angry or confused or feeling hopeless (as you have every right to feel) you always seem to selflessly place your little boys first... even though they have had to endure what no child should have to go through, you seem to be doing and saying all the right things to ensure their emotional and spiritual well-being. kudos to really are a selfless, nurturing mom...and, even in the midst of such loss, they are lucky little boys.