Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Birth of an Idea

I have sprung out of bed this morning,
breathing fast,
my mind spinning with ideas.

Perhaps a book was born in my head overnight?

I really and truly feel like I cannot think fast enough to contain or capture these ideas.

Like they may flit away on a breeze
before I have had the chance
to explore,
look at them from every angle,
unfold every wing,
underneath my mind's microscope.

Lord, this comes from you.

The flow of ideas,
the connecting of dots,
the lines of parallels,

Holy Spirit,
these come from You.
Breath of creativity, breath of life.

Perhaps this is a glimpse of my springtime.
A warm day in my winter.

Father of ideas,
let these not pass me by.
May my mind be big enough to hold them all,
yet present enough to look each one in the eye.

Help me to slow down and engage.
May my moments meet my thoughts.

Soli Deo Gloria.


momof3 said...

I would buy it! Tracey

momof3 said...

I would buy it! I love your blog.. what you write is so beautiful.. I try not to comment because so much of it is personal and painful and I wouldn't want to minimize it in anyway... but you have a gift!

Cristi said...