Saturday, July 2, 2011

Action Verb

I believe I have seen the church at its finest.

From the very early hours of December 23, people have been in action, loving and serving all around me.

One woman came to my house, brought me the gift of a tissue box, and emptied my dishwasher.

Meals, meals, meals.

One friend cleaned out her freezer and brought me a dozen single portion meals. She said it was for the nights when I just want to give the boys chicken nuggets or mac 'n cheese, and I can still eat like an adult.

House cleaning. (A humbling gift, this is.)

A few weeks ago, a friend from my church came over to resolve the plumbing issue in my bathroom, which turned out to be an enormous hair clog the size of a small rat. That's even more personal than having a friend clean your teeth, I assure you.

Which, by the way, someone did for me.

She's a dental hygienist; she cleaned my teeth and fostered an excellent initial visit for my children who hadn't been to the dentist yet.

In the early days, four families came to take down my Christmas tree and all of the indoor decor. Dazed and in shock, I slept through the transition and awoke to a clean home.

Friends of friends - people I don't know at all - came to my home and took down all of the exterior Christmas decorations. Now that is a project, ladder and all.

People shoveled my driveway and sidewalk through the winter. They have mowed my lawn in the spring and now the summer.


Cards in the mail.

Books and books.

A friend gave me slippers and a bracelet, to warm my heart and my feet. Love.

Last week, a reader of the blog dropped off an enormous box of super heroes. Her son has outgrown them and wanted to share them with my boys. It has been a super hero frenzy at my house, I promise you.

They have played together and laughed. This has been yet another gift to me.

My list is long, and it continues.

I have learned what it is to serve in someone's moment of greatest need: just do what you think of to do.

Don't worry that it's not enough: it is.
Don't worry that it's not unique: it's yours.
Don't wait for someone to ask: dive in.
Just do something.
That is love.

I know now why God says we will be known by our love.

Love is a verb. And it is happening all around me.


kim f. said...

how beautiful is is the body of Christ.

stephanie garcia said...

This is beautiful. I think so often we don't do something because we are afraid it won't be enough; or that we'll do the wrong thing. This post based on your experience is such an encouragement to offer ourselves anyway.

Penny said...

You have been very blessed and I'm sure they all received a blessing helping your family. "It is more blessed to give than to receive." :)

Debbie said...

What a beautiful story! It gave an answer to prayer! What do You want me to do God?
Well, this story gave me the answers I needed!
Thanks so much for sharing this and touching my life with a need I had to know what to do.
We can all do those things, and it is giving a taste of God's love to others!