Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Real Conversation

I like real language.

Not small talk. I can't really do an evening of talking about the weather, traffic, hair styles - or worst - sports or politics.

(This is perhaps because I am apolitical. It's just not in my genetic makeup. I often handed Robb my ballot; it mattered to him. So unless I had a strong opinion, I gave him my vote.)

I like real conversation.

It doesn't have to be audible; today's technology allows for real deal conversation without saying a word out loud. Text messaging does not have to be impersonal; it can be as fluid as a coffee date.

I like when people truly speak to one another.

When they abandon platitudes,
set aside the safe, insulating cushions of small talk,
when people are brave enough to talk
about the things we don't talk about,
the real topics of life.

I like when people really think. Together.

I like words that bring meaning,
gird with affirmation,
reason and listen,
teach real love, real life.

And there's much merit to the conversation
that doesn't exist at all,
the beauty of silence.

There's a lot to hear between the words.


Jaimie said...

YES. This is why I can't stand the Bible study at my church. I swear it's all small talk -- and even small talk about the Bible. Is that possible? I think so.

Terry said...

i totally agree with you tricia..
one thing that i really don't enjoy is sitting in an doctors sitting room and all is silent except for the usually boring music that is automatically streaming in!
..and so i will start conversation[alas probably about the weather] with the person beside and trust me pretty soon the whole room is full of talking people...and NOT about the weather..ha! terry

Emily said...

"Silences make the real conversations between friends. Not the saying, but the never needing to say is what counts."
-Margaret Lee Runbeck

Dana said...

I can't stand small talk either (probably because I'm so horrible at it) feels so meaningless especially with all the work that tends to go into it...ugh.

Carr525 said...

this is kinda why i love you...and so many others do too...

Dana said...

I can't stand small talk feels so meaningless (especially with all of the work required to keep it up)...ugh