Monday, July 11, 2011


I was getting ready for bed, ready to end the day.

And then I heard Tucker shout from his top bunk:

"I think it's so weird that Jesus died on the cross!"

I laughed… Did he just say it's weird? That's an interesting word choice.

I walked into his room to clarify. There he sat, with his picture Bible open to the story of Calvary, the three crosses lined up on a hill.

"See, Mommy? It's so weird."


Well, It is, kind of. I'll give him that.

Weird that it's the story of grace and life and love.
Weird that anyone has ever been crucified.
Weird that it's something I believe in.
Weird that it happened with me in mind.
Weird that it's all true.

He's right. I mean, do you know anyone else who has been crucified? Who has risen from the dead?

It doesn't happen every day.

"It is weird, Tuck. You're right. It's a lot to take in."

Pretty weird.

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Terry said...

dear tricia..i haven't got this post in my email yet but i am so glad that i clicked on home and saw this latest post of yours.
those two boys of yours and robbs' are constantly teaching lessons to me!
when i read this and your comments on it wow! how true it is weird that the lord would die for the likes of me and yet it is true!
i remember that when i was a sunday school teacher of the three and four year old kids, one day, richard who was four came into the class and told me with excitement filling his voice, "terry, jesus died on the cross for me once and he will never have to die AGAIN!"
trisha, that little guy grew up and his life proved that he got the truth and was a chrisitan.
i just know that tyler and tucker will be bright lights to all around them because you are giving them the right teaching and the right books to read and they are believing! terry