Monday, July 4, 2011

Hooray for the Red, White, and Blue

On our way to you, fireworks.

My favorite are the shimmery, white ones that light up the whole sky.

Tyler's favorite are the red ones.

Tucker's favorite are the 'big booms'.

This is perhaps because Robb's favorite were always the 'big booms'.

For some reason, the Fourth of July has often been on the brink of something new, and I often found myself envisioning where we might be the next time we watch those fireworks.

I recalled so many of those projections today.

"Next year, we'll be married as we watch the fireworks."

"Next year, we'll watch the fireworks in Colorado."

"Next year, we'll be in our new home."

"Next year, we'll be parents. We'll take our baby boy to see the fireworks."

"Next year, we'll get to see fireworks again, when the boys aren't so afraid."

"Next year, we will..." I wonder.

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Adam said...

I remember spending a fourth of July with you and Robb. Chapel kids...Robb's furry leg hair.

Very nice photos!
In our hearts,
Adam and Carrie