Monday, July 4, 2011

Wandering Feet

Tyler is in a new phase of this year of adjustments: fear strikes him in the middle of the night and he flees to my bedroom.

This is okay with me for now. As with all compromises with my children, I'm okay as long as it's a choice I'm allowing - not something that is now out of my control, something to which I must give in. As soon as it appears that we step over the line from concession to demand, well, he and I will need a new plan.

But on occasion, currently regular occasion, it's nice to sleep next to my little boy, to listen to his breathing, to see the lines I remember of his baby face that only emerge when he's deeply asleep.

And it's nice to share the bed. Mostly. Sometimes it gets a little lumpy and crowded with pointy elbows, bony knees, and wandering feet.

"Tyler, could you lay on your side when you sleep with me? Last night you slept with your feet against my back all night long."

"But Mommy, my feet were afraid. They needed to know where you were."

My poetic child.

Somehow this explanation softens me.


Carr525 said...

Oh, Tricia...this made my heart melt. When Joshua was gone in Iraq, I let Caleb sleep with me too. It made me feel so safe, and yet so protective of him at the same time. I really think that in my own bubble of a grieving process through that, it was a bright point in my days. So many people told me it was a bad idea, but I made sure I felt a balance in my spirit about it.

All in all, I think wandering feet are good for the soul. <3

txartist62 said...

that is just too sweet :)

Janet said...

"But Mommy, my feet were afraid. They needed to know where you were."


What a sweetheart.

Still praying for you daily.

thewonderfulhappens said...

there is no arguing with that answer!!!