Friday, July 1, 2011

Yes, I Read Them. :)

At least once a day, I receive an email, blog response, Facebook post that begins with these words:

"I'm not sure if you'll read this..."

I will. I read them all. Every single one.

My invisible community, I read your every word.

And I thank you.


Allie said...

Well than, I will have to share with you that even though I don't know you, I happened upon your blog. I think of you often and just wanted to let you know that your husband made a small difference in our house a few days ago. I was cleaning out my sons closet and he had underwear that were too small. For a second I thought "What should I do with these? Save them for the next kid? I hate to throw them away." And then I remembered your story-and Robb's philosophy about the underwear and I quickly threw them in the garbage. I am sure my future children would thank him for that! ;) Have a great day!

Wendy Pilisdorf said...

Hi there, I heard about your blog thru my best friend who is friends with someone you know. I just want you to know you have touched my life with your story. You are a precious family and I learn from you. I am thankful for your transparency and the love you have for your husband.
Know that someone in California prays for you and your boys...... :)
Wendy Pilisdorf