Friday, July 1, 2011

The New Look

It was time for a blog makeover - this happens about every six months, as a pattern. I suddenly decide that it's time for a new appearance in the blogosphere, and I reinvent.

As you might imagine, this biannual restlessness brought some angst. The decision was not so easy.

Is it okay to change it?

Is it okay to show just the three of us?

Is it okay to take Robb off the top?

What does that mean, really?

He's part of our family, part of our every day, and yet we can't see him anymore. Should I pretend that we can?

This has been an intense, major decision.

I find a quiet strength in moving forward as the three of us, rather than pretending nothing has changed.

I realize that most of the people I've ever admired, learned from, found inspiring and life giving - these people live in today, even if yesterday was really very beautiful.

And my children are growing. In the pictures with their daddy, they are smaller, so much younger than today. While the sentence aches inside me, it is no less true.

There are three of us. Whether I believe it or not, it is true.

And if I can find beauty in the three of us? Find the font and the photos and the splash?

Well, that's half of it.

You don't have to look hard to find Robb on the blog... he's here. Just like in our home: he's not front and center, but you don't have to look hard to find him.

We have a new look.


Mellifluous said...

It's beautiful, Tricia! Such a perfect blend of the present and past. Still reading...still praying.

Emily said...

I think you're so great.

Emily Kaye said...

I love the new look! What a great showcase of your new tricycle! :-)Always praying!

Joline said...

I was wondering when this would happen. So proud of you. It's beautiful.

Dan & Anne said...

I love the new look! Great pictures of you and your boys.

Tamie said...

Beautiful new look! I kept wondering too when it would happen and how it would look and it is spectacular.

Shelly @ Life on the Wild Side said...

You are amazing and strong. And you probably don't think so right now, but I think you are doing just fine. You are an inspiration to me.

Honeycutt Family said...

Beautiful and poignant.

Cristi said...

Oh my gosh! I LOVE the new look! The header is GREAT!
Good for you!

Terry said...

dear tricia, the way that you and tyler and tuck are standing and looking back over your shoulders with your feet set firmly on that railway track, just seems like you are saying to robb that you three will be all right.
the three of you on the track...
the two track rails and the middle ladder-tracks, if you turn and you look into the distance become one!
yes you guys will be all right and a "threefold cord is not quickly broken."!
just a beautiful picture terry

Seda said...

I love the color coordination on your outfits! and I love that picture of the three of you on the train track. =)
You are so brave. =)

Kay Day said...

This is my first visit to your blog since you changed it.
When it popped up, I wept. Real weeping.
I wept for the beauty and symbolism of it. The truth and the strength of it.
I wept for the loss and for the change.
Tricia, it is indeed gorgeous.

Amy said...

I checked your blog for the first time in while after being on vacation. When your blog came up, I caught my breath and tears came to my eyes. I'm so thankful for your strength and courage and endurance, but I also feel the weight of how much you miss your sweet husband. I just wanted you to know that I get how hard this was. It is beautiful. Praying for you again today.

Jan said...

I love your photos!