Thursday, July 14, 2011

Extreme MakeOver = Extreme Gift

When we moved into our home, the deck was in bad shape. Neither waterproof nor weather treated, it was warped and cracked.

The summer I was pregnant with Tuck, we improved our outdoor living as well as our budget allowed: we flipped over each board and re-installed each one with the existing screws. I remember this well because I was Big Pregnant - as in, he was born in September, and we took on this project in July. I remember well the kneeling, squatting, and nailing involved. (And I say that with the afterword acknowledgement that I did only a fraction of the work involved.)

Robb has maintained it through the seven years, replacing boards, sanding, and repainting. And the task for the summer of 2011 was to finally replace it.

Southeast Christian Church set out to complete this task on Robb's behalf.

Insert: Community Impact Day.

Two dozen people showed up at my house, and together they demolished the deck, built a new one, and landscaped our backyard. All in a weekend.









This team of people exchanged water bottles and Advil, power tools, pats on the back, and encouraging words.

They transformed our outdoor living space, giving room for growing boys to run, climb, play and get dirty.

They cared for a widow in the church; they provided for the fatherless.

They served the Lord with all their hearts, minds, and strength.

Thankful and humbled do not begin to describe.


my3boys said...

Now that's what I call "religion". (James 1:27)

Jennifer Jenison said...

AMAZING! Got chills for you!

gluten free girl in a pasta world said...

Wow~what a great show of the Hands and Feet of Jesus.
You and your boys enjoy!

Gwen said...


Kyle Estepp said...

Wow!! WHAT a blessing!! It looks so beautiful!!

Kyle Estepp said...

Wow!! WHAT a blessing!! It looks so beautiful!!

Tyler & Brenda said...

What a beautiful blessing. I am so happy for you and your boys.


tanyasz said...

So Awesome!

Kelly Evans said...

What a blessing for you and for them! It looks amazing!

Cristi said...

That was very nice. Looks great!

Penny said...

That deck and yard are beautiful, Tricia. They did an awesome job! :)

Michelle (Snyder) Drummond said...

The deck is beautiful. It is great when the family of God comes together and do as the Bible instructs. I love it and you are still in my thoughts and prayers
Love & Prayers


Michelle (Snyder) Drummond said...

The deck is absolutely beautiful. I think it is great when the church family comes together and does what the Bible instructs. I am still praying for you.
Love & prayers


Emily said...

This warms my heart.

Ferree Bowman Hardy said...

This is what I call Good News! Thanks for sharing! (I noticed it on Facebook)

Seda said...

what an amazing gift. it looks beautiful!

Majorsfam said...

How did you not cry the entire weekend? WOW! I cried just looking at the photos. Good for you for letting them serve like that. I know it can be a struggle to let people help you, but I'm so glad you're doing it. We took the Financial Peace University course recently and in one of the last videos, he said that it's the church's responsibility to take care of the poor and the widows. So glad you have a great church family lifting you up. Amazing!!!!

txartist62 said...

what a wonderful gift....a beautiful deck and outdoor space to enjoy and a wonderful example of selfless giving for your boys to witness :)

Kay Day said...

Such a wonderful, beautiful church! Not God's choice for us, but it is indeed a lovely place.