Saturday, June 14, 2008

Also known as...

If you spend much time with me, you may often hear me say, in my most cheerful mothering voice, "Tucker, when you get in your stroller/highchair/carseat/happy mood, you can have a cracker."

A friend of mine recently echoed my sing-song voice, saying, "Tucker, that's called a bribe. Your mother is offering you a bribe."

Yes, I am.

I am thinking of teaching him that graham crackers are actually called bribes. Wouldn't that be great? Can't you just see us, in the mall food court, or the neighborhood playground, or the doctor's office, with other mothers' watchful (and judgmental) eyes on us, when my son will ask with great confidence, "Mommy, can I have a bribe, please?"

I'm doing it. It's one of the benefits of my son needing me to teach him to talk; I can also teach him exactly what to say. Sometimes.

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