Wednesday, June 4, 2008

It's a Small World

As I mentioned, this was a hit for our boys.
Well, mostly our older boy. Tucker loved it all, he cried when it ended, and he inspired us to get in line to board the boat once more, to take in the Small World and it's melodies all over again.
Tyler showed his enthusiasm in a different way: he spent the entire time trying to climb out of the boat. He is my fearless child, ever ready for the adventure that awaits.
And if no adventure is waiting, he will create one.

My mom's camera captured our family's experience with great accuracy.
Notice how Tucker is captivated, Tyler is on a mission to climb out of my arms, and I hold out as long as I can.

I have heard of some families and really great parents who have settled in for an entire day of It's a Small World. I do not win that award. Perhaps if I did not have a climber in rubber soled shoes ripping my legs and arms apart, I may have been up for another trip around The World.

But after two rounds, we were off to visit Pooh in the Hundred Acre Wood.

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Janeen said...

honestly, I know the post is a couple of years old, and ancient history at the moment - but I've got to give you kudos for 2 rounds of 'Small World'. I was looking for the exit after the second turn (or earplugs, that would have worked). ...brava, Mama!