Sunday, June 1, 2008

Parents' Night Out

As an early birthday gift for both of us, my brother arranged for a date night for Robb and me in Orlando. He was highly secretive about it, but he told us which night to reserve, he arranged for childcare (my mom, graciously), and he coached me on what to wear. (He is highly skilled on such things.)

Monday was our date night, and when we woke up that morning, there was an envelope underneath the door to our hotel room. The message (written in my brother's distictive script) told us not to open it until we were in the car at 5:30, and not a moment sooner. At the end of a great day with the whole family, we headed back to the hotel, got dressed up for our night on our own, and headed off into the sunset, armed with each other and our envelope.

True to my brother's classic, clever style, the envelope held seven smaller envelopes, each numbered. Each one held clues for each destination, including just enough money to complete that task or event. (It was very Amazing Race, and probably the closest I will come to actually competing.)

Our clues led us to dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe at Universal Studios. (Gift card included in the envelope, of course. I'm telling you, he's clever.)

Our clue also advised us to wrap up our dinner no later than 7:30. It was easy to do, since nobody at our table needed us to cut their food, wipe their faces, or keep them from poking someone with a fork. It was a glorious adult-only dinner.

In our next envelope, we learned why we needed to be on time. We had tickets to see...

Such a GREAT SHOW. We were totally intrigued, from beginning to end. They are quite the artists, entertainers, and comedians. We loved them. Rob gave us one of our best dates ever.

The next night, he took my parents on the same adventure. Looks like they had a close encounter with some Blue Men.

I'm telling you... you haven't lived until you've been loved by my brother. Thanks, Rob.


Robin said...

sounds glorious - what a sweet brother you have :O) and who is that hottie in the dress??

kathryn said...

In my infinite wisdom (ha!-really thanks to you) I checked and Blue Man lives in chicago as well, so Christmas is now taken care of and Chris and I have our date planned-6 months out too, impressive for us. So I am no longer jealous of you. Yea for us!

my3boys said...

1. Hard Rock
2. Blue Man Group
That leaves five smaller envelopes that you are holding out from the rest of us! Do tell! ;)

Nicole said...

That is just AMAZING! My brother is great, but not THAT kind of great;)

And you look amazing! Perfect dress for a hot night in Orlando. WHOO HOO!

hdmt704 said...

Can I borrow your brother? I don't think Dave has the funds for such adventures :-)

Tricia said...

It was indeed a great night... and the remaining envelopes were steps along the way to these major events - directions and money for the parking garage, a plan for Starbucks after the show... he thought of everything. Seriously, he is amazing.