Sunday, June 29, 2008

Feed the Birds

Every Sunday night, Tucker helps my dad refill the bird feeder at their house.

Together, they feed the birds. Dad retrieves the bird feeder from its hook, and he strategically places it inside the bin with the birdseed... because more birdseed goes everywhere else than actually in the bird feeder.

But Dad's very patient, and they are quite a team. And its an important tradition for Tucker.

It's his job.

When the bird feeder is filled once again, they put it back on its hook in the backyard, and then they wait for the birds to come.

Well, Tucker beckons them. He shouts.

"Birds! EAT! Birds! Come, EAT!"

They never really come, since birds aren't so keen on eating in the presence of a shouting toddler. But later, we go inside, and they eat while he watches from the safety of the kitchen.

It's a good deal all around.

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