Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Tricia, when is your birthday?

"July. My birthday is July."

Yep. And today is July 1. That's right. My birthmonth has arrived!

I dearly love this month. I wait all year for it; it is strategically placed on the opposite end of the calendar from Christmas, my other very favorite holiday. I am forever thankful to my parents for this careful conception planning that has allowed me to spread my holidays throughout the year.

I love my birthday. I sent a countdown email to our family on Father's Day... yes, I honored our fathers, and then I reminded the early shoppers that there were 38 shopping days left. For my entire life, my brother's May birthday has been significant to me: a turning point for him, but also the date on the calendar that signified that my birthday was coming soon.

Onward Christian soldiers, July isn't far away.

July is a good month for other reasons too, including the Fourth of July, our wedding anniversary, and my mom's birthday. Three more of my favorite holidays. Big month, I tell you. And that doesn't include the extra bonuses that fall during this month: multiple out-of-town guests, a camping getaway, and a long weekend in the moutains with Robb's family.

But really, it's my birthmonth. I love July.

I realize I sound a bit self-absorbed and maybe annoying. But that's only if you don't know me. I think my birthday exuberance is endearing. And perhaps contagious. After all, I just love birthdays - all of them. I'm all about a reason to celebrate with cake. I love birthdays. This month just happens to contain mine.

Twenty shopping days left!


Mellifluous said...

Personally, I prefer February which is, of course, my birth month. :) When people say they stopped celebrating their birthdays, I think that is too sad!

my3boys said...

Usually I comment on how cute your kids are. Today I think you are just adorable! :)

Kennedy Krew said...

So - is it the 21st?? I just finished my birthday month (April) and it was glorious!! Enjoy my precious friend - you deserve it!!