Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fireworks = Castle?

In preparation for the festivity of fireworks, we talked about them quite a bit yesterday. Tucker has mentioned the Disney World fireworks at least once a day since we got home from Orlando, so we knew he could handle the loud booms and would enjoy seeing them light up the sky again.

Yesterday, when I first mentioned them, I said, "Tuck, would you like to see fireworks tonight?"

His face lit up, he gasped for joy, and then he said, "No. Loud."

"Sure, sometimes they are loud, but remember when we saw them at Disney World? You sat on Daddy's shoulders, and they were so pretty in the sky."

"Yes!! Castle! Fireworks!"

In recalling the memory for him, I also inadvertantly placed unattainable expectations in his mind on the neighborhood display awaiting him.

All day long, any reference to fireworks brought the same series of questions: "Fireworks? Castle? Mickey Mouse? Cinderella??"

Nope. Sorry, buddy. Just good ol' small town fireworks tonight.

Even as we watched them, he asked me, "Cinderella?"

"No, no Cinderella tonight."


"She just doesn't live here."

That answer sufficed, at least for the moment.

In the meantime, Tyler's fireworks experience added another word to his vocabulary: "Wow."

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