Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Please. Keep Your Clothes On.

Tonight, Tucker needed all of four hours to fall asleep. No kidding.

From 7:30-11:30, he stayed in his room (thanks to the gate, of course), and he busied himself with the few options at hand. He looked at books, he took the blanket on and off the bed, he tossed the pillow all around, and he waited for sleep to come.

I had settled in for a phone chat with my brother, a great way to end my day. I heard Tucker calling me, and I went to his room to put him back in bed, once more.

Except... I first encountered his pajama pants in the hallway, tossed over the gate. To my alarm, there was a diaper inside the jammies.

I found him on his bed, in just his little t-shirt. Oh, dear.

"Tucker, you may not take off your clothes. You need to put your pants back on."


No, no poop in sight. And I am thankful beyond words for that.

Since this is the word often accompanied with a diaper change, my brother suggested that Tucker now thinks this is the magic word to take his clothes off. If he just says poop, it's all good.
Nope. Not all good. I'm going to need for him to keep his clothes on, at all times.

That's all there is to it.

At least he's finally asleep. And his diaper and jammy pants are still on.... last time I checked.

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