Saturday, July 5, 2008

Every Single Time

Tucker is learning some skills toward independence, and one of these is the ability to put his shoes on without help. It is a process, and some attempts are more successful than others, but I have set him up for success with a purchase of the Cars version of Crocs - the Lightning McQueen variety.

So, here is my question: Why, oh why, do children innately put their shoes on the wrong feet?

It's like a law of nature. It is reversible, since most of us eventually master it. But for a long time, the opposite makes more sense to those little minds. It's a puzzle.

We're working on it.

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hdmt704 said...

I put Ollie's shoes (crocs) in front of him so his left shoe is in front of his left foot etc. He does pretty well, but you're right sometimes he comes to me saying, "Wrong feet, Mommy?", and I have to say, "Yeah, buddy, wrong feet."