Sunday, July 20, 2008

How do you like it?

I need to know what you think.

In recent conversations among friends, I have learned of some very strong opinions in very specific food preferences.

String Cheese
Do you eat it the 'adult way,' one bite at a time, like a banana?
Or do you eat it the 'kid way,' pulling it apart, strand by strand, as its name implies?

(I eat it one bite at a time. But it's all about textures and control for me.)

Ice Cream
Do you like your ice cream firm? The harder the better?
Or do you like it softer... perhaps a little soupy, if you will?
Do you microwave a bowl of ice cream? You know... the good ol' 12 seconds... (My cousin's microwave actually has a 'soften ice cream' button. If that isn't a quality microwave, I don't know what is.)

(I'm a softie.)

Well? What is it? Because I'm pretty sure you have an opinion on each of these topics. It's also possible that you are lactose intolerant, and you would prefer that I stop mentioning dairy products. Fair enough.

Do tell.

And if you need to explain your answer, then comment away.


Mish said...

Ok, well, Tricia we've discussed the ice cream firmness so now I will fill you on my eating of string cheese. I'm more of pull it apart like a kid kind of girl. Now if I'm running somewhere or get bored of the little "strings" I'll pop the rest in my mouth.

Kennedy Krew said...

I really don't like string cheese - which is surprising since I adore Velveeta! And, I'll take ice cream anyway I can get it - I'm not picky!!! (As you can tell from my impressive physique!) :)

Mellifluous said...

I still string my string cheese. But not in the tiniest pieces like I did when I was little.

As far as ice cream, I don't like the soup, but I can take a variety of hard/softness. There has to be some texture, but it doesn't have to be hard.

Have you seen Wall*e? In that movie the humans drink everything. And really, I don't believe I care to drink my food.

Alli said...

String Cheese: like a kid.
Ice Cream: no thanks.


my3boys said...

string cheese: like a kid
ice cream: I'll eat it any way at all (except warm, ew.) But I hate being in charge of the scooping if it is rock hard. Maybe I need that fancy microwave--except Vince cussed quite a bit installing the one I have now, so I'd better not mention a fancier one. ;)

And what is with that crazy girl Alli who said "no thanks" to ice cream? I don't think I trust a non-ice cream eating girl. Please tell me she eats chocolate!

Alli said...

You would be happy to know that I do eat some chocolate - although that wasn't really on my "like" list until I was prego with my second baby. I would still MUCH rather eat me some cheese and crackers than something sweet. I bet my mom had something to do with that!

Anyway, ice thanks.