Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Never Enough.

Just a few days ago, I told a fellow parenting friend of mine:

"Sometimes I think the hardest thing about parenting is praying enough for my kids. If I did that enough, it seems like everything else would take care of itself."

He responded, "That's a pretty convicting statement."

I told him I felt pretty convicted too, and I feel even more convicted now, the more I think about it.

How is there time to do anything else, with all the ways and reasons I should pray for my boys? And how is it that I can find anything else more important, or even more urgent?

I pray for them so often, in the harried moments and in solitude, but it's just never quite enough.

Sometimes I wonder how my prayers for them will change as they grow... the things I will some day ask the Lord for, which I cannot fathom now. It's probably best that I don't know.

Some of my prayers will remain constant: that the Lord will claim their hearts, that they will know Him, that they will be men of example and integrity, that they will have resilient spirits that will not be injured by the mistakes we make, and that Robb and I will have wisdom in each moment of this parenting journey.

But still, it doesn't seem like enough.

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The Kennedy Klan said...

Alright missy - I already had my quiet time this morning! :) What a good word of encouragement!!