Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A Lifetime of Birthdays

In honor and celebration of my birthday month, I have chosen to present to you, my faithful fellowship of readers, a birthday memory. One for each day.

I may lend you more than one on some days. Here we go.

I'm sort of a girl of traditions. If we did it once and I liked it, it will quickly become a tradition. Having said that, many of my birthdays looked very similar.

Each year, I woke up on July 24 to find the doorframe of my bedroom magically and beautifully decorated with crepe paper - a paper entryway for me to enter the world outside my room on my special day. (I was actually known to leave these streamers on the door long into September. I am the Queen of stretching out the Birthday Experience.)

For a good twelve years, I chose a popular Mexican restaurant as my dinner destination of choice, complete with my favorite taco salad, a dessert of fried ice cream, and an exuberant serenade of Happy-Happy-Birthday, to you, to you, to you - Ole!

And for many years, I chose a Dairy Queen cake as my dessert of choice. The kind with the cookie crumbles inside, not their new-fangled recipe with the real deal cake layers. I'm sort of old school on this one. And I blew out my candles from atop a DQ cake for many, many years.

I love birthdays. I love traditions. I love remembering them.

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my3boys said...

From the file of--
(Ok, impossible since I'm like a decade older than you, but anyway...):
I am also queen of stretching my birthday out, and I too LOVE the DQ cake with the cookie crumbles. I even tried making a homemade one just this year, but the DQ one is waaaay better. And just to prove the stretch out the birthday point, the reason I was making my own DQ cake was that this was my second party that week and I had a real DQ cake for the first one! tee hee! I'm smiling just thinking about it!