Thursday, July 31, 2008

Everybody's on Vacation.

Today begins a weekend getaway with Robb's family. We have all escaped to the mountains together, for three days... six adults, three children, and three labradors in a mountain house. Good thing the house is spacious.

We are a bundle of memories waiting to happen.

When our family goes on vacation, everyone goes on vacation. That means me, too. That means most bets are off, some rules don't apply, and my kids can bend the routines.

Some things are consistent, like kindness, respect, and seatbelts.

But other things... like bedtime routines and balanced meals? Not as much.

For example, I let Tucker watch a movie during his nap today. Why? Because it's vacation. It's fun for him, and let's be honest... it was easier on me.

The boys have their own bedroom in this home, which is nice because they don't sleep in our room... but tricky becaues they're not used to sleeping in the same room. We followed a semi-normal bedtime routine. They had their baths, we read books, we said our prayers, and then they went to their respective corners of the same bedroom. An adventure for us all.

Tuck is in the twin bed and Tyler is in the pack 'n play. Last time I checked, they were playing peekaboo and laughing at one another. Really, really laughing.

I could spend the next hour racing up the stairs, enforcing the rules and routines, demanding that they go to sleep right this instant. But what fun is that? No fun for them, and frankly, too much work for me. I'm on vacation, remember.

Plus, I really don't know when their own vacation memories will begin, and it could be this week. They could talk about this night for years to come, the games they made up, thinking I couldn't hear them. My brother and I have our own feast of these memories, including my impeccable impersonation of Ed McMahon. I made him laugh every single time. (Don't ask. I will not do it for you.)

So tonight, they get to play. Live it up, guys.

As for me? I think I'll have some more ice cream. After all, I'm on vacation.

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