Sunday, July 13, 2008

I'm Back!

We have returned to the suburbs, from four days in the wildnerness.

Okay, maybe not wilderness, since we took along a bathroom and shower, beds with sheets and blankets, and a fully functional refrigerator and freezer. So, not so very wild.

But there was a lake, boats, lots of fresh air, late nights, hours around a campfire, delicious s'mores, a game tournament that lasted for days, unforgettable conversations to greatly varying degrees of depth, and people who make me laugh every hour of the day.

A guaranteed recipe for success. It was a great getaway.

I returned home feeling refreshed in every way... except clean. But that's the easiest one to fix.

And you can bet my fingernails and hair got a full makeover within hours of our return.

Turns out: I love camping. So there.


Polly said...

Welcome back!! We have all missed you! Now, get writing.

Kennedy Krew said...

YEAH!! I'm so glad you enjoyed it!