Saturday, July 19, 2008

Nontoxic does not mean Edible.

The boys were playing in their kitchen today, and I opened some play dough for them. Blue, to be exact.

A few minutes later, Tucker shouted, "Oh, no! Tyler bite! Tyler bite!"

My son, a faithful firstborn, was notifying me that Tyler had bitten off more than he could chew; he had FILLED his mouth with blue play dough.

Sure, it's nontoxic. But it is not edible.

Tyler's cheeks were packed with blue clay, and it was bursting forth from his lips. Robb and I had to do a full "search and rescue."

I didn't take any pictures in the moment, since the choking hazard was of greater concern. But once his airway was clear, well, grab the camera.



Alli said...

I LOVE that you have visual records and proof of these occurances. You will be so thankful one day! Love you!

Betsy said...

Hey Tricia, I thought that I should write to tell you that I have been checking in on your blog! Andrew Frerich's mom told me about it. I had him in class this year. I'm enjoying reading about your boys and seeing what's going on in your life. Take care! Betsy Watwood Smith from Lincoln

my3boys said...

Hey! Andrew Frerich's mom...I know her! ;)

Tricia said...

Hi, Betsy!!

Thanks for reading the blog! I'm a big fan of Andrew's mom... another faithful reader of mine. ;o)

You should have a blog, too. I'd love to know what's happening with you and your baby girl!!

Please say hello to my Lincoln friends... I miss you all. A LOT.