Sunday, July 20, 2008

I'm Changing My Name.

Nobody at this house will answer to Mommy any longer.
I will have a new name.
And I'm not telling my children what it is.

P. S. Please do not remind me of the days when I longed to hear Tucker say my name at all. I am well aware. But today... well, I just hit my limit today.

So tomorrow? New name.

Stay tuned.


Mish said...

hahahaha! Oh boy have I had days like that. For some reason though the kids still insist on using the "old" name.

Alli said...

Oh, Ethan doesn't mind calling me "Alli" one single bit. As a matter of fact, it's either "Alli" or "Mom, what's your new name? Huh? What's your new name? Mom? What's your new name?"

Oh for Pete's sake.